Things to make mythtv better

So this should hopefully become a list of things that I think would improve my mythtv setup, that I aim to achieve with the new box. And hopefully each entry will link to another post about how to make them happen. Some of these are simple things to do, some not so simple.

So this is laid out with the feature, and a description. Click links to get to posts about how to do it.

iPlayerAdd in support for iPlayer, and ideally iPlayer HD. Should word with the remote for easy browsing etc.

HD video support support for playing HD video files.

HD TV support – this isn’t that urgent, as no HD TV broadcast round here just now, and no tuner for it.

2 bookmarks per recording – it’s often the case 2 of us are watching the same program, but at different points

TV should go straight to guide, and “enter” button should select channel – and then the info button bring up the program info, not the other way round as it currently is. Then this is inconsistent with using the guide to set recordings, so in that view enter should set it to record (“find and record one showing”, as default) with the info button to show more info/change the settings.

Remove lesser used menu options – or just hide them away, as they clutter things up and make it slower to get to more commonly used things.

UPNP server – ideally for video and music, but I’d settle for just music.

Mythexport – or a better way to get recordings out of it, in transcoded fashion ideally.

Last.fmwould be nice.

HD Apple trailers plugin – note to self – see the mythtalk forums for this.

Recording suggestions – It’d be nice if there was an “upcoming shows I might like” thing to set recordings. Think someone’s working on similar?

Commercial flagging I never did make this work right.

To be continued…


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