Random tip on tweaking nvidia settings for a good picture

To use nvidia-settings from a remote workstation while watching live-tv/dvd/video:

Having problem tweaking your overscan/quality on tv-out?

An easy way is to use the remote feature of nvidia-settings:

my setup:



Login to your mythtv-box with ssh.

First export the display enviroment on the mythtv-box:

#su mythtv

$export DISPLAY=:0

Now (still on mythtv-box) Give your workstation X-rights:

$xhost +

This should give you an confirmation: being added to access control list

Exit back to workstation, and execute the following:

#nvidia-settings –ctrl-display=

Now you should get the graphical nvidia-settings, make your changes, and for safty restart X on the mythtv-box (its unsecure to share X like this, but the rules only apply until X is restarted)

Ofcourse this is my setup, so you have to use the ip:s of your mythtv-box, and workstation.

via Mythtv Install Notes and tips. – MythTV Community Forum – MythTV talk.com.


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