Acer Aspire Revo

So, my revo arrived, £150 from Currently they don’t seem to have the linux version though. It was listed as having an 8Gb SSD, but as per various reports, it actually came with a 160Gb HD. Sweet.

Out the box, and it’s tiny. Here it is pictured beside the kb & mouse it comes with, and a more normal sized regular keyboard:

acer1The mouse is a notebook sized logitech optical number, seems decent enough, and the keyboards smaller than normal but also seems ok. I wouldn’t want to use it full time, but it’s better than I was expecting, and I prefer the short-throw laptop style keys.

How noisy is the acer? Not very, fans whoosh on startup, then settle down. More on that once it’s been tested more as a mythbox.

Update: Ok, I’ve tested it a bit more as a SD mythbox and it’s pretty encouragingthe fan’s not spun up yet :-) However, I noticed that if you use the analog audio connection on the front, heavy wifi traffic causes a bit of interference (probably not noticeable when actually watching something). However, that’s pretty much par for the course, and it’s unsurprising here where the wifi antenna is so close to the socket. I probably won’t run wifi anyhow, but if I do I might wire in a socket to use an external wifi antenna for better reception, and to alieviate this issue (and I have a spare antenna anyhow).

Upgrading the RAM

It came with 1Gb of ram (single stick of DDR2 667Mhz stuff), which means the 9400 IGP can only use up to 256Mb, I plan to decode HD with it, so the more the merrier. So time to drop in another 1Gb stick so I can give it a 512Mb framebuffer.

To get the case open you need to undo one screw, and it’s that one under the little “don’t break this sticker” sticker. So unscrew that, then jam a knife in the gap and work your way round releasing all the little snap clips. Top-tip: If you have the machine power-button side down, then the top side is the one that lifts off.

A point to note if you plan to upgrade the HDD – the screws holding it in place are in from the back of the board, so you’d need to take the whole thing out. I didn’t look into doing that, as the stock 160Gb is fine for me for now.

What’s it like inside? Have some pics:



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