XBMC with VDPAU and iPlayer

So I got XBMC working, cos I plan to use it to view iPlayer, and HD iPlayer on my mythbox. I”ve made a menu option to launch it from mythtv.

Of course, on an Ion powered Revo, I need VDPAU for the HD content. So to do that I need an SVN build of XBMC, which can be got from the PPA here and then the iplayer plugin.

A few things to note about setting it up:

  • You need to tell XBMC to use VDPAU in the video settings.
  • In the plugin settings for iPlayer (press ‘c’ for the context menu to get them) it’s worth setting the stream to h264(3200kbs) to make sure you get the HD goodness.

At the time of writing, non-SVN XBMC plays the video at half-speed or thereabouts for me and hammers the CPU – clearly no VDPAU in use.


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