“bus error” on snow leopard?

That’s a memory access error. It happened to me because I had a makefile (that worked on leopard) that set: -DSIZEOF_VOID_P=4 -DSIZEOF_LONG=4 -DSIZEOF_INT=4

But on my 32bit SL kernel it should be:


Anything with a configure script should test this, you can use that fact to get the correct values for your system (they might be different on a 64bit kernel, I’ve not checked).

P.S. Incase it affects anyone else, my issue was compiling CUDD with NuSMV.


3 Responses to ““bus error” on snow leopard?”

  1. Hey thanks a lot, you saved my day! :)
    (I was trying to run NuSMV on SL but always and always obtained a bus error message..)

  2. Amazing! I posted this mostly for myself so I’d not forget, glad it helped someone else out!

  3. Thanks a lot,

    I had the same problem with NuSMV after updating to Snow Leopard.


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