Live event tracking

Seeing the mobile webserver, and what it can do (give folk interactive access to content on your phone, the ability to take pictures using the camera etc.) gave me a cool idea about the potential of this mobile tech.

Say you’re doing a big event – e.g. a friend recently completed the LEL. It’s nice for friends and family to be able to keep updated – e.g. you could use twitter to text in updates on your progress.

But modern nokias tend to have GPS, net connections etc. So wouldn’t it be better if instead of you needing to update them, they could see where you are, live? And then wouldn’t it be better still, if they could also send you messages of encouragement? And the icing on the cake, wouldn’t it be great if they could be there with you – see what you’re seeing?

Well I think this is possible (within the constraints of battery life, but external batteries can sort that).

You need:

  • A modern S60 nokia with GPS or a camera and a data contract.
  • Sportstracker
  • Mobile Web Server, from the Ovi Store
  • Some sort of mount suitable for the activity – e.g. for cycling probably a bar mount, and a case to waterproof the phone.

Then from there it’s simple. Set up the web server so that users can send you messages and take pics on the camera (this is all built into it anyhow). Set that running, and put a link to the URL into your sportstracker profile, then set sportstracker running with the live tracking option.

Then next time you’re doing that big event, gathering your sponsorship etc, you can give folk the sportstracker link. Then they can see, live, how you’re getting on, send you messages of encouragement – and most impressively of all they can take pictures, and see for themselves your moment of success.


NOTE: This blog entry expands an idea for the nokia Innoviate competition.


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