This is not an N900 review

this is not an N900So the kind folks at WOMWorld Nokia are going to send me a trial N900.  Normally they send devices out to bloggers and the like to review them, and indeed there are plenty of reviews and opinion pieces on the N900 on the net, reviewing it as a phone, debating if it’s an iPhone killer etc etc. And I urge you to go read them.

But it’s not the specs and the hardware that makes the N900 exciting – it is high spec, but not all that different to my current N97. The key thing that makes the N900 exciting is that it’s open, and it’s linux. This means I should be able to easily hack up all sorts of cool things, enable the N900 to do things I just couldn’t on any other phone so easily. So I think it’s interesting to see what a “typical” geek like me can make, or not, with one in a couple of weeks. My head’s allready swimming with ideas of things I could do with the N900, and how to make them happen. I don’t expect people to follow this blog, eagerly anticipating updates – it’s more the sort of place folk come to after a google search, trying to find out how to get their device to do something a bit different to the norm. So when I get the N900, I’ll be updating the blog with articles on how I get on with hacking it to do something different, cool things, useful things, fun things, silly things… but I’ll keep the ideas under my hat for now.

And later, when I’ve had the N900 a few weeks, I’ll write another post. It’ll summarise how I got on with the N900, hacking code together to make it do useful things. I’ll include links there to my relevant posts of anything I get working. So I guess you might be able to call that a review, of sorts…

You’ll be able to find all my N900 related posts here.


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