Fuse plugin won’t work on Snow Leopard?

.. and you’re getting the dreaded “Device not configured”.

You’re probably linking to -lfuse instead of -lfuse_ino64

My issue was compiling unionfs-fuse for macFUSE.

From here:

> You simply need to compile the example file systems with -lfuse_ino64
> instead of -lfuse, since 64-bit inodes is now (as of Snow Leopard) the
> default in header files such as stat.h. (I.e. what was called struct
> stat64 in Leopard is now the same as struct stat...)
> - Erik

(Or you could pass -D__DARWIN_64_BIT_INO_T=0 to disable 64-bit inode 
numbers in the headers. Then you can continue linking with -lfuse.)

One Response to “Fuse plugin won’t work on Snow Leopard?”

  1. […] (to compile for MacFUSE note this, you may also need “CFLAGS -D__FreeBSD__=10″ Also “make install” […]

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