I should get a ticket to Nokia World 2010 because…

… I’ve made an app so that everyone who can’t go can still keep up with all the NokiaWorld action!

UPDATE: The app now has a (basic) icon, and the app and web version should detect screen resolution. I can’t test properly though as I have no S60 devices. It should work on all S60 now though. No screen rotation once launched, hard to implement with no devices to test on!

What’s it do? Simple, gives you a slideshow of the most recently posted images on the web that are tagged with “NokiaWorld”. It takes pictures from Flickr, Yfrog and Twitpic – so it gets most of what folk are tweeting and blogging about. Of course, NokiaWorld’s not happened yet, so it’s all content from last year just now. But when NokiaWorld starts next month you can use the app or webpage linked below to keep up to date on what’s going on. Here’s a preview pic for you:

app preview

Got any mobile (or PC) with a web-browser and want to try it out without installing? This is where you need to go/bookmark!

Got a Nokia touchscreen device and want to dive in without reading what’s up first? Grab the app here. I’ve not tested it personally though, as I don’t have a s60 touch device at the moment. Try it at your own risk. It’s pretty simple though, so it should work (let me know how that goes).

What’s all this about? This is my entry for the #NokiaWorld competition over on the Ovi blog.

It’s pretty beta at the moment, I just whipped it up this morning when I had the idea to enter an app after seeing the post saying any sort of entry goes. The biggest bug at the mo is it needs the screen to be in landscape and works best for s60 touch devices. If it wins I’ll add the code to make it work portrait and landscape, and (hopefully) on any Nokia device supporting WRT (so any S60).

How does it all work then?

So this is doitdifferent, you want to know how I made it of course. Well it was pretty quick and easy to do, it’s basically a mashup of different web technologies. It starts with Yahoo Pipes (Yahoo do something cool other than Flickr, who knew?!). I’ve made a pipe to do the aggregation of the data from various sources. Check the link to see how it works, mostly I’m leveraging pipes made by other people. So thanks to them – you can see which ones are used if you investigate the source above. Then I used Aptana studio and the guides from Forum Nokia to wrap it all up in a WRT widget. Dead easy.


5 Responses to “I should get a ticket to Nokia World 2010 because…”

  1. Good luck my friend, and if you win, see you there!

  2. yeah, good luck with it. I’ve dropped you info on the X6 view.

  3. […] the process he also helped the community and everyone else who will not get to go there this year: he made us a Nokia World app! It’s apparently not fully tested yet and we actually have a similar app coming up soon […]

  4. […] went the whole hog and built an app! It pulls in all the latest images tagged from Nokia World, so you can see what’s going on […]

  5. […] final winner was Iain, who, quite simply, made us a Nokia World app! Awesome! You guys can of course also check out our very own Ovi Blog App, which will also feature […]

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