N8 Camera Mounts

So there’s currently a Nokia competition running to create a short film on the N8, N8 Producers. I plan to create an entry…mostly because there’s a short film I wanted to make anyway. I don’t expect to win – the talent on display so far is breathtaking. Anyhow, as part of an idea I’ve not had good enough weather to film yet, I’ve made a few camera mounts. The beauty of having such a small HD camera is you can mount it in interesting ways! I’ve more ideas too, of course, but I thought I’d blog about a few.


So I wanted to be able to create some POV film, but involve a bit of “me” in it for perspective – something you don’t often get with a headcam. So after a bit of cutting and gluing plasticard, I got this:

Chesty-cam Mount

Basically it’s a cutout for the back of the N8, a chest-strap, and then I elastic-band the N8 in. The hole you see fits the camera-hump and holds it steady. Here’s some test footage:


This is a similar idea, only for more of a self-portrait view. I wanted all of the person in shot, with some surroundings for context. So I created this rig (modelled here by @TheFarrago):


Basically it’s a bit of PVC pipe, couple of rucsac straps, then to counter balance, there’s a strap from the back of the pole, down her back and attached to her belt. I love the view this gives, and it’s surprisingly stable. By way of example, here’s @TheFarrago’s pocketdance entry, filmed with it:

Panning Mount

So I like recording timelapses. You might have heard of my app, Lapsed (new beta out Real Soon Now). I wanted to get some motion in, panning the camera smoothly over say 30mins. Now, a proper panning mount is expensive, but the N8 is so small we can do this:

Panning Mount

Now, let me describe what you’re seeing here. It’s a Gorrilapod (thanks WOMWorldNokia) attached to a clockwork kitchen egg-timer. As it counts down, the top rotates slowly. So it pans 180degrees over 30 mins. This slow, constant speed movement is perfect for composing timelapse pans. Now, I’ve actually used this for part of what I plan to enter for N8 producers, so you’re just gonna have to make do with a test clip from 20mins or so of footage:

So, hopefully I’ve given you some ideas. Post in the comments if you’ve made any fun N8 camera rigs!


7 Responses to “N8 Camera Mounts”

  1. I LOVE the Gorilla Pod + Egg Timer combo!

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  3. I have to say the gorillapod eggtimer is a genius stroke. Using household items to achieve photographic feats that would cost hundreds is wicked!

  4. Love you work mate :-)

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  6. Salman Ahad Says:

    Wow , this stuff is really creative, but could you do a SteadiCam for the N8. Now THAT would be amazing!!

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