Lapsed Beta

UPDATE 12/3/11 New beta time!

UPDATE 31/1/11: The currently release Lapsed Beta will expire and stop working tomorrow. There’s no new version as yet, as the latest release of Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 for Symbian, in the 1.1 SDK TP breaks QCamera, so Lapsed won’t start. It’s not just my code – the Nokia supplied mobility examples also fail. Sorry timelapse fans – you’ll have to wait for Nokia on this one :-(

So my timelapse app, Lapsed, that I’ve been writing to have a go with Qt is reaching a more polished stage. So I’ve decided to release a more public beta version. It’ll time-expire in a couple of weeks, but that’s enough time for folk to try it out and let me know how they find it. I might release on the Ovi store eventually, still debating it (and I can’t till Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 hit release).

However, please bear in mind this is still early software, written to satisfy my own curiosity.

First up, here’s a video I made with Lapsed:

New Features

So, if you tested the previous version, you want to know what’s new. In no particular order:

  • Application icon.
  • Won’t allow you to start recording unless you have focus.
  • Each new timelapse is saved in its own directory. Specifically E:\Images\lapse\DATE..TIME\dir1 etc. No overwriting!
  • Stopping  recording and starting a new sequence starts it in a new directory (it was more of a pause and continue behaviour before).
  • A counter for the number of photos taken.
  • Help info.
  • Resolution selection.

Known Bugs

All the bugs I know about seem to stem from immature Qt camera implementation. They manifest themselves as various UI oddities. I lay the blame at the door of QCamera, as if I don’t initialise the camera the bugs go away. Similarly, identical UI code works fine in test apps with no camera widgets. The bugs you might see are:

  • Starting the app in portrait, the viewfinder is rotated.
  • Once you interact with any UI item, the “back” button from the help screen will vanish.

Annoyingly I have example code that works fine, where Lapsed does not. Yet I can see no differences in the code or UI files. It’s maddening! Hopefully this will be fixed for release versions of Qt 4.7/Mobility. If anyone’s an expert in these two and has ideas what my problems might be, get in touch!

Gimme the Beta!

First up, I suggest you read the original Lapsed post. It contains install and use instructions, links to the Qt development libraries needed and advice on compiling time lapse into video.

It’s tested (personally) on the N8. It should work on other Symbian^3 devices. I’d appreciate reports from S60 5th devices – I’ve none to test on. Older S60 3rd devices tend to have built in time-lapse functionality (though if you test on one, let me know how that works out).


If you’re looking for timelapse ideas, maybe check out my article on N8 camera mounts, including a cheap DIY timelapse panning mount.


I’d love feedback. Good and bad, useful and useless – fire away in the comments. If you make any videos with the app, link them below.



42 Responses to “Lapsed Beta”

  1. […] Go to Ian’s Lapsed beta page for the installation file. […]

  2. Dropbox link not working

  3. Working for me here? Anyone else have problems?

    Works on my N8 too…

  4. When you have a final release, please let me know, will be one of your first customers :)

    • If the release versions of Qt4.7 and Mobility 1.1 do away with the bugs I have, I plan to release on Ovi store.

  5. I don’t have a lot of experience but was planning on doing something similar, if you like I can take a look at your code and see if I can suggest anything. Drop me an e-mail.

  6. […] Installare la Beta dell’applicazione […]

  7. Arvis Says:

    Installed Qt 4.7 and mobility 1.1 on my N8, app launches, show the UI and black viewfinder for a second and then closes. Any solution?

  8. Arvis Says:

    Also, could you please give me an code example of viewfinder and focusing/taking pictures on Qt? I got one, it launches and works in simulator but has loads of errors when I try to build it for the device.

    • The QCamera examples with either the mobility 1.1 SDK, or latest combined SDK should work fine. There are also example code snippets in the qt mobility documentation, in the multimedia section.

      Sounds like your SDK might not be setup correctly to compile for qt4.7/mobility 1.1 n the symbian toolchain.

      • Arvis Says:

        Possibly how I could have set it up incorrectly? I just installed latest tech preview, I thought that’s all I need for it.

      • Interesting, I’ve not tried to build the QCamera examples with the latest SDK yet, I’m using the release version of the Forum Nokia Qt SDK, with the appropriate SDKs for 4.7 and mobility, added as per:

        This means I’ve not been able to build in simulator, just for the device. Which OS are you running? I don’t have an install of the latest SDK on windows yet, so can’t see if I can compile the Qcamera example. Have you reported the bug on forum nokia (or checked for help there)?

      • Using Win 7 32 bit. I’m getting just loads of errors when I build for the N8, guess I could try
        Still I’m confused why Lapsed doesn’t work on N8.

      • How odd. Can you get someone else to build a QCamera example for you to see if that works on your N8? I’ll build one later if I have the time (unlikely I’m afraid). I’ve had no other reports of it not working on devices, I’m guessing you’re not running unusual firmware or anything like that?

        I have a win7 64bit install, but wasn’t going to update my SDK install until the 1.1.sdk came out of tech preview, as it seems to have a few issues (as you seem to be finding out). Forum Nokia really is the place for SDK support though, not here – I don’t know that much about it!

      • OK, so after trying to build Lapsed with the new SDK and it failing, then about 2 seconds on google reveals:

        So try updating your SDK with the maintenance tool. I’ll post back an update if it lets me compile lapsed ok or not, and if that works with the new S^3 libraries.

      • OK so after updating the SDK I can compile Lapsed – I assume that will solve your issues compiling QCamera examples etc too. Lapsed still doesn’t run mind… :-(

      • Arvis Says:

        Really weird. I’m using FW which my N8 got shipped with.

  9. serdadu Says:

    i wanna use this but i dont have a clue what the Qt 4.7 is and what i need to install ? help ?

    • I’m afraid it’s not for you then. As this and the previous post say, it’s a beta, not for general release. It’s intended for those familiar with in development code etc. When nokia release qt4.7 and mobility 1.1 to devices, I’ll be able to release properly, and you’ll not need to be familiar with development libraries. So I apologise, but you’ll have to wait for nokia for this :-(

  10. serdadu Says:

    aaah ok, pity then because damn it looks good!!

  11. Hi there, i have just read on twitter the beta will stop working soon so i hope to see a final version soon! If you need help on something just ask!
    Maybe i can help you with icon design if you don’t have much time!

  12. I am also having the same problem with Arvis on N8.. perhaps it is because of the new release of QD SDK 1.1 that have an updated Qt 4.7

    • Interesting. I’ll see if there’s a newer version of Qt to install on the phone than the release I have, and see if I see the same issue.

      For yourself and Arvis, which version of Qt do you have on your phones? Where did you download it? (got the link?)

      Oh, and what FW is your N8 on?

      • Qt version I installed is 4.7.1 and mobility 1.1, got both binaries from Qt SDK tech preview. FW is PR1.0 (software version 011.012)

      • Hmm ok, I’ll try those versions of the binary when I get some time, see if they behave differently. It won’t be tonight though!

  13. Here is the link that I download

    QT version is 4.7.1
    FW – PR1.0, Software version – 011.012

    • OK, I wonder if the slightly more recent release breaks things enough that I need to build against the new SDK release. I’ll stick it on the TODO list for tomorrow morning…

      • Ok tested the symbian binaries distributed with the 1.1 SDK TP, and they do indeed break Lapsed as you describe. No time to investigate further just now, I might get on it this weekend, no promises.

      • Arvis Says:

        Good to hear my N8 is alright, thanks

  14. Thanks Iain. Really appreciate it

  15. Ashok Soni Says:

    It stopped working once I installed latest nokia app.., bubble as it includes qt 4.7.1 and latest qt mobility, which I guess this app doesn’t support.., as it was working perfectly earlier with qt 4.7.0… Aahhh.. Anyways thnx for such a wonderful app, hope there will be a way to get it around working.. :D

  16. Ashok Soni Says:

    Stopped working as soon as I installed latest nokia app bubble as it has qt 4.7.1.., earlier working with qt 4.7.0.. Any solution for this..

  17. therohan Says:

    Guys check out the Qt SDK 1.1 (Technology Preview)
    The Qt SDK 1.1 technology preview provides developers with the opportunity to experience the next step in tools support for Qt based development.

    The Qt SDK 1.1 technology preview is available in the following versions and installation packages:

    * 32- or 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
    * 32-bit Ubuntu Linux 8.04 or later.
    * 64-bit Ubuntu Linux 8.04 or later.
    * 64-bit Apple Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

    Check the link to download Qt SDK 1.1 (Technology Preview):

  18. Arvis Says:

    Any chance you could upload mobility 1.1 binaries this worked with? Just really want to try this and some other stuff. :) And who knows if Nokia will care about Qt anymore, knowing that they’ve gone WP7 way…

  19. From the Nokia website, it says the bug fixed in QtM 1.1.1

    But couldn’t find where to download it..

  20. Arvis Says:

    Just to let you know, run updater in Qt tech preview, got loads of updates, mobility 1.1.1 included so guess problems should be gone and app can be continued :)

  21. When will this be available to purchases or where can I download it?

  22. I would love this to become a real app some time.

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