Connecting an iPad to an N8

So you’ve shot a load of great photos and video on your Nokia N8, and you want to show them off, edit them on a big screen etc. Ideally you want to transfer them to your iPad so you can do this on the go. Well, here’s how:

N8 connected to iPad

N8 connected to iPad with Camera Connection kit

To do this you’ll need a camera connection kit, and micro USB cable. There are a few gotchas to watch out for too, I’ll cover them at the end.

  1. Set the USB mode on your N8 to “Media Transfer Mode”
  2. Check the photos/video you want to transfer are visible in the gallery – sometimes this needs a reboot for some reason.
  3. Make sure photos on the iPad isn’t running (double click home button and kill it if needs be). Seems to be buggy sometimes.
  4. Connect the N8 to the iPad.
  5. It’ll make the USB connection (pop up on N8) and the iPad will say “not enough power for device” or similar. DO NOTHING. The N8 will disconnect, and reconnect (another pop up on N8) in a no-power needed state, and the dialog will go away on the iPad. Photos on the iPad will then auto launch.
  6. Import your photos/videos to your ipad.
  7. Edit/show off/upload at will!

A few gotchas:

  • The iPad will try and preview ALL media on the N8, which might take a very long time, if e.g. you have a lot of music. The way I get round this is by storing my music on the SD card. Then prior to connecting I press the power button, “Remove F: memory” – DON’T press “ok” or remove the card. Just leave it like that, the card’s unmounted. Then connect to the iPad. The iPad will then only see media on the internal drive (just photos and videos for me, and a few app files).
  • Both the N8 and iPad seem to have occasional bugs around their photo apps. Hence the requirement to kill the one on the iPad and check all the files are visible on the N8 end. The process above is reliable.

Now, anyone got a recommendation for a good iPad video editor?

Of course, it would be nice if you could do this without wires, wouldn’t it?

;-) *fires up Qt Creator*


8 Responses to “Connecting an iPad to an N8”

  1. Thanks for this one, Ian! :D

  2. […] Ongoing and outstanding: Does the iPad2 import videos from the Nokia N8 and can iMovie work with the imported videos without conversion? One would need to connect the N8 via the camera connection kit either via USB or by removing the Micro-SD card, slotting it into an SD card adaptor. I’m waiting to have this confirmed. I’m hoping that this author has the answer soon. […]

  3. Very cool, thanks for sharing that. Was looking for if this would actually work and it does :-)

  4. The new version of iMovie,sees your N8 video files after you have down loaded them.
    Now you can edit them on your iPad!!!
    For once, Apple has listened to customers gripes.
    This is now a fantastic tablet video editing app.
    Snap it up before they put the price up!!

  5. Cathy Says:

    Merci pour l’info, personnellement je voudrais utiliser la 3G de mon Nokia N8 pour me connecter sur internet avec l’ipad… Vous auriez une solution?

  6. ed cabrer Says:

    Thank you very much for the info, I use two photo editor’ s : Snapseed and Laminar, two apps both great ,the first great and the second edit raws. regards

  7. […] need a powered USB hub. The 920 tries to draw power to charge, the iPad can’t supply it, and where the N8 would reconnect not drawing power the Lumia doesn’t. So unless you can supply power too, no […]

  8. thanks so much for the information. setting the usb mode to ‘transfer media mode’ did the trick.

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