New Lapsed Beta!

UPDATE: The beta expired at the end of the month, and the new Qt4.7.3/QtM1.1.2 completely breaks Lapsed. So there won’t be a new version up till I have time to redo the camera code. It seems Nokia don’t like to make things easy…

So Nokia have released the Qt 1.1 SDK beta, complete with amongst other things, Qt 4.7.2 and Mobility 1.1.1. This is great news, as they fix a bunch of the bugs I was hitting in earlier versions.

So here’s a new beta of Lapsed for you all to try! You’ll need Qt 4.7.2/Mobility 1.1. If you can’t work out how to get that installed, beta software’s probably not for you. As usual, try this software at your own risk. The beta will stop working at the end of the month – I hope to get this into Ovi soon…

If you try the beta, please do one thing for me: Post a short comment letting me know if it worked ok and what device you’re using. I want to know about it working right and any bugs. If you can describe how to reproduce the bugs all the better!


Finally, I’ve been giving some thought to localised language versions of Lapsed if I release in the Ovi store. If you’d like to see it in your language, then post a comment letting me know what language you’d like it in.

I’d particularly appreciate testing on the C6-01, C7 and E7 (i.e. EDOF Symbian), if you have one of these. Or if anyone can get me one… (if my Forum Nokia launchpad membership ever gets approved then maybe I’ll get one that way… *hint* *hint*).


  • Faster, more reliable startup.
  • Better handling of the error case where camera access is rejected.
  • UI oddities gone, starts correctly in portrait now (with app locked landscape).
  • Bigger viewfinder.
  • Default res set to 1280 x 960 (strikes a nice balance IMO).
  • New Icon! (courtesy of Rick Chalton)
  • A new how-to page, with (brief) info on what to do with your captured time-lapse.

10 Responses to “New Lapsed Beta!”

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  2. Hi.. Did a basic test on Nokia C7. Worked really well . No glitches or crashes :) Will give it a thorough test and post the results.

  3. It worked well with my N8, but have to avoid the conditions below

    1. If the camera goes to screen/keylock time-out, the program will stop to work. When I unlock the screen, the program already exit by itself
    2. When I run the program for a longer period of time (max is 30 mins), the last few photos are automatically changed from landshape to potrait. In one instance my phone display screen is inverted for a few second before it automatically adjusted back to normal display
    I am not sure whether this is because of the program or just my phone issue.. it is a standard phone with latest software update + QT libraries from Nokia

    BUT for the one that I managed to capture, the time lapsed movie is very good

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  5. Yasir Says:

    Work great on my N8. Tell me which is best software on Windows to reproduce these pics into a videos?? Is there any such symbian app avalable?

  6. Svetlozar Simeonov Says:

    Does not start on Nokia n8 pr1.2 v14 Qt 4.7.3 qt mobility 1.2 and qtwebkit installed! Not even a splash screen! Advice?

    • As the post says, it was a time limited beta and stopped working the end of last month. I’ll get a new build up for this month with the new Qt today, see if it fixes the bugs…

  7. Hi,
    Were you able to get a new version of lapsed to work on the new Qt?

  8. zertyz Says:

    Please, brother, recode it! I’m eager to give it a shot. If you want any help, count on me.


  9. Puksion Says:

    Link for download ?

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