How to Upload Photos from an N8 to a iPad, Wirelessly

OK, so I promised a new blog post on twitter, to make up for the O2 based ranting last week, so here it is :-)

I’ve posted before about connecting with the camera connection kit, but what if you don’t have one? You can still get your files from the N8 to the iPad over wifi.

  • You will need:
  • A Wifi network. (I need to test if this works with the network setup by JoikuSpot, but I fear possible routing issues).
  • A copy of GoodReader on your iPad.

So, how do you do it?

  1. Start wifi transfer in GoodReader (wifi icon down the bottom)
  2. Fire up web on the N8, connect to the iPad’s address. Don’t forget the http:// or else it won’t work.
  3. You’ll see the file system from goodreader.
  4. Select upload to choose and upload files.
  5. And you’re done! Photos on the iPad now.
  6. Optionally, you can save photos from GoodReader into the global “saved photos” on the iPad, to edit and upload in other apps.

3 Responses to “How to Upload Photos from an N8 to a iPad, Wirelessly”

  1. Cheers for this chap. It’s useful, but somewhat limited by the N8’s inability to show the actual image when going through file select.

    With so many photos on my handset, it’s hard to both locate the file that I’m looking for and then also figure out which one it actually is.


    • There’s also the cable method:

      You can see thumbnails that way, but then you need cables. And there’s also the issue that you see *all* the media on the device (hence the SD card hint). Does work well though. I used this in florida to select and upload photos/video from the zero g flight. On an ipad 2 you have iMovie to edit the video too…

      I had a bit of a rant at @PhoneDaz at nokiaworld last year about how the N8 presents itself to devices when connected (i.e. not as a digital camera! arrg…no need!). I’ve seen hints online that newer symbian devices might fix this flaw – I was hoping it’d come in anna, but no. It’s not just an issue connecting to the ipad, happens with any software that expects a digicam (i.e. Aperture).

      I did port a Qt webdav client to the N8 (I say “port”, I took a desktop GPL’d app, changed 2 lines of code to make it run), which had the potential to make this work better (multipleupload, browse thumbnails etc.) But then never did anything with it, as the debacle of changing camera APIs breaking Lapsed repeatedly was pissing me off and kinda put me off Qt, then they effectively killed its future with winphone announcement, so…. I decided to just use the cable as it worked for me, and then I bought an SGS2 as I was doing android stuff for work….

      (and people wonder why there aren’t many Qt apps etc. I would imagine my story is typical)

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