Nokia Lumia 800 and O2 PAYG

So I’ve just got a Nokia Lumia 800 for trial from Nokia Connects, and they’ve kindly included an O2 microsim to get me up and running…nearly.

For some reason it doesn’t detect the APN settings correctly. So to get mobile data working, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to settings, mobile network.
  2. Scroll down, “Add APN”
  3. The details you want are:
  • APN:
  • Username: payandgo
  • password: password
And you’re good to go!
Bonus pro-tip for you: Dial *#10# to check your balance.
Bonus pro-tip2: Contract settings:
  • o2wap
  • password

12 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 800 and O2 PAYG”

  1. Cheers dude, i got one of these Tuesday (22nd) and spent two frustrating hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t connect via 3G, then i eventually found this :), I now seem to recall i had the same issue with my iPhone.


  2. Many thanks for the info Iain. This problem with o2 sims has existed for some time and still they have not remedied the situation.

  3. does anyone know the pay monthly apn details. as ive tried
    password = password
    and this does not work, anyone got this working coz o2 are very unhelpful and just tell me its a unsupported device you must speak to nokia.
    ive emailed nokia but am not holding much hope on a reply until they release on o2.
    ive also tried the above logon details and few others ive found while searching the net and none of them work.

    • Pay monthly you need:

      I just put a monthly sim in mine last night, works fine.

  4. cheers for the reply. I did try your setting but still no joy. I did how ever get it to work very slowly in the morning cant remember what setting i had now, then after it stopped working i phone o2 as i thought they had blocked the sim some how from data. after putting more setting in that o2 told me.
    its still wasnt working, i then went for a drive to the otherside of town to try and amazingly it was working slow but working. so it looks like o2 have a problem in my area and funny enough as im typing this msg i now have no service on the phone.
    i love o2, 2 days Ive been playing with those setting.

  5. […] out the *phone* needs a net connection. I setup my 3G APN, re-tried and it worked fine. LD_AddCustomAttr("AdOpt", "1"); LD_AddCustomAttr("Origin", […]

  6. I’v tired both of the apn’s and they don’t work for me what am I doing wronge I am on o2 pay and go and my lumia is unlocked can anyone help please

    • Iain Wallace Says:

      If you go to Settings-> mobile network -> edit APN, what do you have for each section?

  7. there is a god thanks

  8. internet settings for lumia 900

  9. Franky Says:

    Awesome. I searched for a long long time to find a solution to my problem. FINALLY I found this. Thanks a bunch.

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