p-p-p-pop up a Pureview?

A rare blog from me, of thoughts not actions.

Pureview in Puremotion from the eye? (this was a N8)

So, today Nokia announced the Lumia 920, with Pureview, and Puremotion. Also, @Whatleydude was talking about pop-up shops, and lumias:

So, I thought this was a great idea (partly for awful pun potential…). And obviously set it up somewhere with a good view…a pureview maybe… and in (pure)motion too….;-) Pop-up shop on the London eye anyone?

Get a 3G hotspot in a pod, imagine queuing up to buy one, when you pay you get on the eye, given your phone, setup by the top of the eye, ready to take and share your new pureview pics…bet the night skyline shots would come up good.

Of course, would I queue up to buy a 920? Hmmm, tricky. I’ve been thinking of (finally) getting an iPhone, but I like WP7 and love the promise of WP8…just need to see if it delivers for me. But then it’s almost certainly gonna be cheaper than an iPhone, and wireless charging is one of those little things that makes things better everyday…hmmm.

Right, enough thoughts for now, not really the theme of the blog. But I’ve been thinking about starting something, somewhere, for my thoughts…. (that’s quite meta- a thought about blogs about thoughts in a blog not about thoughts).


2 Responses to “p-p-p-pop up a Pureview?”

  1. Great stuff. Good build! Let’s make this happen :)

    (that initial thought stemmed from the comment I left on Michael Hell’s Facebook not 2mins before)

  2. […] Iain has a great idea on how to launch the new Nokia Lumia 920 PureView (inspired by yours truly); Jonathan […]

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