Full Screen Nokia Maps on iOS

So Nokia Maps is a pretty good web app on iOS, but wouldn’t it be better if it was full screen and didn’t take up a tab in Safari, and appeared in the multi-tasking menu properly? Like this:

It’s your lucky day! I’ve made it into a web clip profile for iOS, Just download the below and install it. It’s not signed, so check you’re happy with it before entering your password. All it’s doing is adding a shortcut (which you can later remove). Works on iPhone (as above screenshot) and iPad.

Full screen Nokia maps.

If you want to let nokia maps use your location, you need to visit m.maps.nokia.com in your browser and give permission first (as far as I can tell).

Only tested on my own devices thus far, proceed at your own risk/let me know how you get on etc!


2 Responses to “Full Screen Nokia Maps on iOS”

  1. Touché fruit phone!

  2. Thanks. Much nicer in full screen.
    I’ve updated a copy of the webclip with new URL and icon from http://m.here.net/, you can find it here:

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