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HOWTO: Import photos from a Galaxy S2 into Aperture

Posted in Android with tags , , on 08/08/2011 by I

So, I’ve been noticing some odd behaviour trying to import from my SGS2 into Apple’s Aperture. Basically, if you connect the phone in mass storage mode (either via settings/wireless/usb utilities, or the notification bar if you have debug mode on) then let aperture launch, or open the import menu, you can’t import from the phone. The solution is to do things in this order:

  1. Get to the “USB Connected” green android screen – you know the one I mean. DON’T HIT CONNECT!
  2. Start Aperture, hit import to get to the import mode.
  3. NOW hit connect on the phone.
  4. In the bottom of the import window on aperture, the SGS2 will appear in the file system view. There you can browse to SGS2/DCIM/Camera and import your photos/video as normal.
For some reason the SGS2 doesn’t appear as a device in the main import selector top left. And for some reason it won’t appear in the file browser pane at the bottom, unless it’s connected AFTER you get to this view.
I don’t know if this is Samsung’s bug, or Apple’s – someone needs to sort it out!

Updating a Galaxy S

Posted in Android with tags , , , on 11/10/2010 by I

So Justen, a friend of mine, has just been through the apparently horrendous  process of trying to update the firmware on his Galaxy S. He’s not daft – a software engineer/scientist by profession and it took him 6 hours of fiddling. Oh, and apparently OTA is not an option with Samsung, this is the only official way. To save someone else the pain I offered to post the process here for future reference:

Updating a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 the “official” way

Before we start, I’d say that going through this is beyond painful. The only reason to do it this way is if you particularly care about being able to claim on your warranty with Samsung if things go tits up. That or a sense of bloody-mindedness.

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