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New Lapsed Beta!

Posted in N8 with tags , , on 12/03/2011 by I

UPDATE: The beta expired at the end of the month, and the new Qt4.7.3/QtM1.1.2 completely breaks Lapsed. So there won’t be a new version up till I have time to redo the camera code. It seems Nokia don’t like to make things easy…

So Nokia have released the Qt 1.1 SDK beta, complete with amongst other things, Qt 4.7.2 and Mobility 1.1.1. This is great news, as they fix a bunch of the bugs I was hitting in earlier versions.

So here’s a new beta of Lapsed for you all to try! You’ll need Qt 4.7.2/Mobility 1.1. If you can’t work out how to get that installed, beta software’s probably not for you. As usual, try this software at your own risk. The beta will stop working at the end of the month – I hope to get this into Ovi soon…

If you try the beta, please do one thing for me: Post a short comment letting me know if it worked ok and what device you’re using. I want to know about it working right and any bugs. If you can describe how to reproduce the bugs all the better!

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PUSH Snowboarding Ideas

Posted in N8 on 24/02/2011 by I

So, Nokia and Burton have some cool stuff going on with PUSH Snowboarding. The basic idea is to take a pile of sensors, put them on the board/rider, connect wirelessly to a Nokia to log the data, and Do Cool Things. And they’re not just doing them themselves, everyone can join in the fun! They’ve open sourced all the code, and published all their test data.

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Connecting an iPad to an N8

Posted in N8 with tags , , , , on 20/02/2011 by I

So you’ve shot a load of great photos and video on your Nokia N8, and you want to show them off, edit them on a big screen etc. Ideally you want to transfer them to your iPad so you can do this on the go. Well, here’s how:

N8 connected to iPad

N8 connected to iPad with Camera Connection kit

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Lapsed Beta

Posted in N8 on 10/01/2011 by I

UPDATE 12/3/11 New beta time!

UPDATE 31/1/11: The currently release Lapsed Beta will expire and stop working tomorrow. There’s no new version as yet, as the latest release of Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 for Symbian, in the 1.1 SDK TP breaks QCamera, so Lapsed won’t start. It’s not just my code – the Nokia supplied mobility examples also fail. Sorry timelapse fans – you’ll have to wait for Nokia on this one :-(

So my timelapse app, Lapsed, that I’ve been writing to have a go with Qt is reaching a more polished stage. So I’ve decided to release a more public beta version. It’ll time-expire in a couple of weeks, but that’s enough time for folk to try it out and let me know how they find it. I might release on the Ovi store eventually, still debating it (and I can’t till Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 hit release).

However, please bear in mind this is still early software, written to satisfy my own curiosity.

First up, here’s a video I made with Lapsed:

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N8 Camera Mounts

Posted in N8 with tags , , , on 09/01/2011 by I

So there’s currently a Nokia competition running to create a short film on the N8, N8 Producers. I plan to create an entry…mostly because there’s a short film I wanted to make anyway. I don’t expect to win – the talent on display so far is breathtaking. Anyhow, as part of an idea I’ve not had good enough weather to film yet, I’ve made a few camera mounts. The beauty of having such a small HD camera is you can mount it in interesting ways! I’ve more ideas too, of course, but I thought I’d blog about a few.

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N8 Strobism

Posted in N8 with tags , , , , , , , on 06/01/2011 by I

First things first, let me illustrate what I’ve been up with a photo, taken on my Nokia N8 (all pics in this post click-thru for high res):

Bottle Rose and Green

Shot on a cameraphone. Awesome.

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How to download .sis files from the Ovi store on the Desktop

Posted in N8, N900, N97 with tags , , , , on 22/11/2010 by I

Ok, so sometimes it would be nice if you could download a .sis (symbian install file) from the Ovi store on your desktop. This is handy to copy a load of stuff to install to your phone en masse or perhaps to get around flaky Ovi store issues or a slow 3G/wifi connection on your phone.

It’s really easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.
  3. Make sure your mobile is selected:
  4. Browse to the app you want, e.g. Nokia Battery Monitor
  5. Change the URL to the following scheme by appending “/download”:
  6. Install as you wish!

NOTE: This only works for free apps, doesn’t seem to work for bought & paid apps. Still handy though! Read this on a forum somewhere I think, but I forget where.

If I can be bothered, I might write a bookmarklet to do it for you. Would this be of interest to anyone?