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Full Screen Nokia Maps on iOS

Posted in N900 on 14/10/2012 by I

So Nokia Maps is a pretty good web app on iOS, but wouldn’t it be better if it was full screen and didn’t take up a tab in Safari, and appeared in the multi-tasking menu properly? Like this:

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p-p-p-pop up a Pureview?

Posted in N900 on 05/09/2012 by I

A rare blog from me, of thoughts not actions.

Pureview in Puremotion from the eye? (this was a N8)

So, today Nokia announced the Lumia 920, with Pureview, and Puremotion. Also, @Whatleydude was talking about pop-up shops, and lumias:

So, I thought this was a great idea (partly for awful pun potential…). And obviously set it up somewhere with a good view…a pureview maybe… and in (pure)motion too….;-) Pop-up shop on the London eye anyone?

Get a 3G hotspot in a pod, imagine queuing up to buy one, when you pay you get on the eye, given your phone, setup by the top of the eye, ready to take and share your new pureview pics…bet the night skyline shots would come up good.

Of course, would I queue up to buy a 920? Hmmm, tricky. I’ve been thinking of (finally) getting an iPhone, but I like WP7 and love the promise of WP8…just need to see if it delivers for me. But then it’s almost certainly gonna be cheaper than an iPhone, and wireless charging is one of those little things that makes things better everyday…hmmm.

Right, enough thoughts for now, not really the theme of the blog. But I’ve been thinking about starting something, somewhere, for my thoughts…. (that’s quite meta- a thought about blogs about thoughts in a blog not about thoughts).

Rygel not working on Ubuntu?

Posted in N900 on 05/07/2012 by I

Trying to setup Rygel and finding it seems to start ok, but you can’t see it from any device, not even upnp-inspector on the same machine?

If it’s the same issue I had note that:

  • Although /etc/rygel.conf probably exists, it’s overridden by ~/.config/rygel.conf
  • It may be starting on lo rather than eth0 (or whatever is appropriate).

The key point about that first point is that although my /etc conf file was correct, the user one had upnp set to false, d’oh!

Force WP7 update on a mac

Posted in N900 on 22/01/2012 by I

So I read this post  on using Zune to force-update a lumia over on The Nokia Blog, and wondered if I could do the same with my mac. I couldn’t replicate the trick with windows phone connector, but I *could* detect the update was there by using Zune on a Win7 virtual box install. Once it was detected I shut down the VM and fired up WPC again – this then let me install the update. I tried it this way as I didn’t want to risk a FW update from within a VM in case of issues.

Surprising that the “update available” flag seemed to be set on-device, not in the software though.

WindowsPhone/Lumia Not connecting to your mac?

Posted in N900 on 22/11/2011 by I

…and just getting unhelpful suggestions from WP Connector to reboot the phone?

  • Close windows phone connector.
  • Plug in the phone.
  • Restart connector.
Obvious, but might save some faff.

How to Upload Photos from an N8 to a iPad, Wirelessly

Posted in N900 on 16/05/2011 by I

OK, so I promised a new blog post on twitter, to make up for the O2 based ranting last week, so here it is :-)

I’ve posted before about connecting with the camera connection kit, but what if you don’t have one? You can still get your files from the N8 to the iPad over wifi.

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How to download .sis files from the Ovi store on the Desktop

Posted in N8, N900, N97 with tags , , , , on 22/11/2010 by I

Ok, so sometimes it would be nice if you could download a .sis (symbian install file) from the Ovi store on your desktop. This is handy to copy a load of stuff to install to your phone en masse or perhaps to get around flaky Ovi store issues or a slow 3G/wifi connection on your phone.

It’s really easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.
  3. Make sure your mobile is selected:
  4. Browse to the app you want, e.g. Nokia Battery Monitor
  5. Change the URL to the following scheme by appending “/download”:
  6. Install as you wish!

NOTE: This only works for free apps, doesn’t seem to work for bought & paid apps. Still handy though! Read this on a forum somewhere I think, but I forget where.

If I can be bothered, I might write a bookmarklet to do it for you. Would this be of interest to anyone?