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Connecting a Lumia 920 or other WP8 device to a Mac/Linux/iPad

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So the folks over at Nokia Connects have sent me Lumia 920 to have a play with. This isn’t a review, that’s not what I do here (it’s a good phone though, I’m liking it). If you’re interested in my opinions, follow me on twitter @the_accidental. Anyhow, I head @whatleydude ranting on The Voicemail (go subscribe – it’s full of ace) about the problems getting media off the 920 to a Mac.  There’s the official Windows Phone app of course, which kinda works, but isn’t that great. But you have other options too, some of which will work on Linux too. Be sure to read till the end, I just sussed out how to mount the 920 as a drive on my mac…

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Thoughts from #openmobile

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So I was at the Open Mobile Summit last week, courtesy of WOMWorldNokia and Nokia. Now I’m under no illusions, people don’t regularly read my blog, eager for the latest mobile news etc. So writing too much on this is a waste of my time – people come here because they want to know how to solve problems and do cool things. But thought I’d jot down a few thoughts from the notes I took, things that stood out for me.

Nokia N8 – there were a couple of protos about – looks like a nice device. Everything the N97 should’ve been maybe? Will it be too little too late, with a new iPhone round the corner? Well, I expect it to be a lot cheaper, and from what I saw, it’s also looking a lot better than I think everyone expects. As good as the promo videos if not better. Can’t wait to try out the camera on one tho, this should be the selling point but it’s not being shouted about?

Femto cells – networks are sweating over where all the data bandwidth will come from to feed all these smartphones. The short term bet? Move base stations closer to users – think your router will also be a base station. Thing is, how happy to share will the networks be? I don’t want two femto cells in my home cos me and the GF are on different networks.

4G – it’s fast. great. Also expensive – not so great. Also selling it at “4G” not LTE. Right, so how are you going to sell the “unlucky network” in Asia?

People speak on phones? not anymore apparently, voice only mentioned once, in passing, by Andrew Gilbert of Quallcomm.

iPads – I think every single speaker mentioned them. But no one knew quite what they’re for?

Money – big issues, who’s paying for all this bandwidth, who’s supporting the 1000’s of app devs? Is the bubble going to burst? Is ad supported the way forward?

Nokia – going for the (massive) mass market in developing countries it seems. Big business.

Alberto Torres – EVP meego, had a chance to chat with him which was great. Seems a good guy, but then his PhD’s in computer science, so he would be ;-) Meego device announced this year, and they’ll be pushing the high end with it. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming here. I think high end mobile has the potential to get really exciting real soon now. But I’ll not write about that, as no-one’s really reading this, right? ;-)

Chopsticks – seems like Nokia bloggers don’t know how to use these, remedied that situation ;-)

Kindle screen costs more than the iPads – interesting. As soon as decent screens get cheaper (i.e. some eInk competition) expect cheaper e-readers. I like reading, this can only be a good thing. And apparently the iPad won’t kill e-readers.

Finally, apparently I’m taller than expected. Heard that from three different people who’d all seen the #N900copter video.

Once again, thanks to WOMWorld for the chance to attend OMS. It was a lot more interesting than I expected, and I had a lot of great discussions with all sorts of people.

Ubuntu on a booklet 3G

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Ok, so after reading around on the net, it would seem like linux on the Nokia Booklet 3G is a no go, or a complete hassle at best. Mostly due to the GMA500 GPU. Which is a shame, as it’s possibly the best built laptop I’ve used (nicer than my macs).

However, this isn’t the case. I got it working easily enough, Ubuntu 9.10 with hardware accelerated video playback, native resolution, 3G connectivity and sleep/wake. In other words, working perfectly. Most lesser netbooks with the GMA950 will struggle with HD content, due to the lack of HW acceleration for video playback – who said the booklet was underpowered :-)

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Fuse plugin won’t work on Snow Leopard?

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.. and you’re getting the dreaded “Device not configured”.

You’re probably linking to -lfuse instead of -lfuse_ino64

My issue was compiling unionfs-fuse for macFUSE.

From here:

> You simply need to compile the example file systems with -lfuse_ino64
> instead of -lfuse, since 64-bit inodes is now (as of Snow Leopard) the
> default in header files such as stat.h. (I.e. what was called struct
> stat64 in Leopard is now the same as struct stat...)
> - Erik

(Or you could pass -D__DARWIN_64_BIT_INO_T=0 to disable 64-bit inode 
numbers in the headers. Then you can continue linking with -lfuse.)

Fix time machine after cloning your backup disk

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So I’d swapped out my time machine hard drive for a new one. I superdupered the old backup onto the new disk, but time machine wouldn’t work. You get an error in the logs like:

“Cookie file is not readable or does not exist at path: /Volumes/backup/.0017f2cec48d ”

So what you need to do, is replace the cookie file. The bit to notice is that the number for the filename is your mac address:

“sudo cp /var/db/.TimeMachine.Cookie /Volumes/backup/. 0017f2cec48d”

in my case.

readline on leopard

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Trying to get gnu readline to work on leopard so you can compile stuff that needs it?

Download it, ./configure;make;sudo make install as normal.

Before you run configure on your app, you need to set:

export LDFLAGS=”-search_paths_first -L/usr/local/lib”

export CPPFLAGS=”-I/usr/local/include”

So your new version is picked up. This isn’t an issue on Snow Leopard, for some reason.

“bus error” on snow leopard?

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That’s a memory access error. It happened to me because I had a makefile (that worked on leopard) that set: -DSIZEOF_VOID_P=4 -DSIZEOF_LONG=4 -DSIZEOF_INT=4

But on my 32bit SL kernel it should be:


Anything with a configure script should test this, you can use that fact to get the correct values for your system (they might be different on a 64bit kernel, I’ve not checked).

P.S. Incase it affects anyone else, my issue was compiling CUDD with NuSMV.