Lapsed… a how-to

So you’ve taken your series of time-lapse photos using Lapsed, and now you want to know how to make them into a movie. Read on:


Using a Mac with OSX 10.6 and Quicktime 7. Here’s how to install QT7 on Snow Leopard.

  1. Copy the photos off your phone, they’re in E:\Images\Lapse\DATE..TIME\, 200 images to a folder.
  2. Copy all the individual photos into one directory
  3. In QT7 File->Open Image Sequence…  select all the photos.
  4. File->Export…

And your done! Edit in iMovie/whatever to suit.


I’m not a windows user, so I’ll have to look into this. But I do know Virtualdub will let you assemble sequences:

  • File->Open video file… and choose “image sequence” from the drop down. Select the first image in the sequence.



2 Responses to “Lapsed… a how-to”

  1. Salman Ahad Says:

    Yeah, an easier way to do this in windows is also by going to Quicktime and following the same steps as a mac, however you will be needing Quicktime Pro for that.

  2. TeaTimeSoon Says:

    On Windows, AVISynth is IMHO the most versatile tool to compile stills into pretty much any format you want (as well as being a fab toolbox for video manipulation). As long as you have installed suitable codecs to create your content, AVISynth will do the job, as well as allowing you to add titles, clean up and tweak to your hearts content. AVP is a handy GUI which eases the newby pain of dealing with a command line tool and MeGui will help to run the final processing job. This is a bit geeky, but amazingly powerful and worth a little investment in time working out how to use it.

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