WindowsPhone/Lumia Not connecting to your mac?

Posted in N900 on 22/11/2011 by I

…and just getting unhelpful suggestions from WP Connector to reboot the phone?

  • Close windows phone connector.
  • Plug in the phone.
  • Restart connector.
Obvious, but might save some faff.

Nokia Lumia 800 and O2 PAYG

Posted in Lumia800 with tags , , , on 21/11/2011 by I

So I’ve just got a Nokia Lumia 800 for trial from Nokia Connects, and they’ve kindly included an O2 microsim to get me up and running…nearly.

For some reason it doesn’t detect the APN settings correctly. So to get mobile data working, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to settings, mobile network.
  2. Scroll down, “Add APN”
  3. The details you want are:
  • APN:
  • Username: payandgo
  • password: password
And you’re good to go!
Bonus pro-tip for you: Dial *#10# to check your balance.
Bonus pro-tip2: Contract settings:
  • o2wap
  • password

HOWTO: Import photos from a Galaxy S2 into Aperture

Posted in Android with tags , , on 08/08/2011 by I

So, I’ve been noticing some odd behaviour trying to import from my SGS2 into Apple’s Aperture. Basically, if you connect the phone in mass storage mode (either via settings/wireless/usb utilities, or the notification bar if you have debug mode on) then let aperture launch, or open the import menu, you can’t import from the phone. The solution is to do things in this order:

  1. Get to the “USB Connected” green android screen – you know the one I mean. DON’T HIT CONNECT!
  2. Start Aperture, hit import to get to the import mode.
  3. NOW hit connect on the phone.
  4. In the bottom of the import window on aperture, the SGS2 will appear in the file system view. There you can browse to SGS2/DCIM/Camera and import your photos/video as normal.
For some reason the SGS2 doesn’t appear as a device in the main import selector top left. And for some reason it won’t appear in the file browser pane at the bottom, unless it’s connected AFTER you get to this view.
I don’t know if this is Samsung’s bug, or Apple’s – someone needs to sort it out!

How to Upload Photos from an N8 to a iPad, Wirelessly

Posted in N900 on 16/05/2011 by I

OK, so I promised a new blog post on twitter, to make up for the O2 based ranting last week, so here it is :-)

I’ve posted before about connecting with the camera connection kit, but what if you don’t have one? You can still get your files from the N8 to the iPad over wifi.

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New Lapsed Beta!

Posted in N8 with tags , , on 12/03/2011 by I

UPDATE: The beta expired at the end of the month, and the new Qt4.7.3/QtM1.1.2 completely breaks Lapsed. So there won’t be a new version up till I have time to redo the camera code. It seems Nokia don’t like to make things easy…

So Nokia have released the Qt 1.1 SDK beta, complete with amongst other things, Qt 4.7.2 and Mobility 1.1.1. This is great news, as they fix a bunch of the bugs I was hitting in earlier versions.

So here’s a new beta of Lapsed for you all to try! You’ll need Qt 4.7.2/Mobility 1.1. If you can’t work out how to get that installed, beta software’s probably not for you. As usual, try this software at your own risk. The beta will stop working at the end of the month – I hope to get this into Ovi soon…

If you try the beta, please do one thing for me: Post a short comment letting me know if it worked ok and what device you’re using. I want to know about it working right and any bugs. If you can describe how to reproduce the bugs all the better!

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iMovie doesn’t find iPhoto videos?

Posted in OSX with tags , , , on 02/03/2011 by I

In my case it was because I keep the iPhoto library on a different drive, and symlink it to ~/pictures. iMovie for some reason doesn’t get on with this. Launch iPhoto with alt held down, select the iPhoto library directly (not the linked version), let it start then quit. iMovie will now live happily ever after…

Other issues with iMovie not finding the videos would appear to boil down to the same problem, perhaps with a different cause.

PUSH Snowboarding Ideas

Posted in N8 on 24/02/2011 by I

So, Nokia and Burton have some cool stuff going on with PUSH Snowboarding. The basic idea is to take a pile of sensors, put them on the board/rider, connect wirelessly to a Nokia to log the data, and Do Cool Things. And they’re not just doing them themselves, everyone can join in the fun! They’ve open sourced all the code, and published all their test data.

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