Connecting an iPad to an N8

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So you’ve shot a load of great photos and video on your Nokia N8, and you want to show them off, edit them on a big screen etc. Ideally you want to transfer them to your iPad so you can do this on the go. Well, here’s how:

N8 connected to iPad

N8 connected to iPad with Camera Connection kit

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Lapsed Beta

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UPDATE 12/3/11 New beta time!

UPDATE 31/1/11: The currently release Lapsed Beta will expire and stop working tomorrow. There’s no new version as yet, as the latest release of Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 for Symbian, in the 1.1 SDK TP breaks QCamera, so Lapsed won’t start. It’s not just my code – the Nokia supplied mobility examples also fail. Sorry timelapse fans – you’ll have to wait for Nokia on this one :-(

So my timelapse app, Lapsed, that I’ve been writing to have a go with Qt is reaching a more polished stage. So I’ve decided to release a more public beta version. It’ll time-expire in a couple of weeks, but that’s enough time for folk to try it out and let me know how they find it. I might release on the Ovi store eventually, still debating it (and I can’t till Qt 4.7/Mobility 1.1 hit release).

However, please bear in mind this is still early software, written to satisfy my own curiosity.

First up, here’s a video I made with Lapsed:

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N8 Camera Mounts

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So there’s currently a Nokia competition running to create a short film on the N8, N8 Producers. I plan to create an entry…mostly because there’s a short film I wanted to make anyway. I don’t expect to win – the talent on display so far is breathtaking. Anyhow, as part of an idea I’ve not had good enough weather to film yet, I’ve made a few camera mounts. The beauty of having such a small HD camera is you can mount it in interesting ways! I’ve more ideas too, of course, but I thought I’d blog about a few.

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N8 Strobism

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First things first, let me illustrate what I’ve been up with a photo, taken on my Nokia N8 (all pics in this post click-thru for high res):

Bottle Rose and Green

Shot on a cameraphone. Awesome.

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How to download .sis files from the Ovi store on the Desktop

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Ok, so sometimes it would be nice if you could download a .sis (symbian install file) from the Ovi store on your desktop. This is handy to copy a load of stuff to install to your phone en masse or perhaps to get around flaky Ovi store issues or a slow 3G/wifi connection on your phone.

It’s really easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.
  3. Make sure your mobile is selected:
  4. Browse to the app you want, e.g. Nokia Battery Monitor
  5. Change the URL to the following scheme by appending “/download”:
  6. Install as you wish!

NOTE: This only works for free apps, doesn’t seem to work for bought & paid apps. Still handy though! Read this on a forum somewhere I think, but I forget where.

If I can be bothered, I might write a bookmarklet to do it for you. Would this be of interest to anyone?


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UPDATE: Password removed, and linking to the new open beta now.

UPDATE: This is starting to get more widely distributed now, so I’ll add a section at the bottom linking to videos made with it. Leave a comment if there’s one you want me to add in.

ATTENTION: You should’ve got here cos I gave you the link and password personally. So you know this is very early software, not for public release yet. There certainly bugs, and if running it causes the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse to ride out of your phone into your face…well don’t say I didn’t warn you. ;-)

Having said that, I have tested it a bit, and it seems to work as intended. Also, if you want to share this link + password  – well I can’t stop you (well, I could, by locking it to IMEI but I’ve not – don’t abuse the privilege). Just make sure people understand it’s early software and not for distribution.

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Setting up Qt Mobility with QtCreator

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Ok, so this is a rough and ready guide, no links etc. as I can’t be bothered and this info will be out of date with the next Nokia Qt SDK release (which will be 4.71/ 1.1 by default). It should be enough to get you going.

The goal here is to be able to write apps using Qt Mobility 1.1 – in particular the camera API. There are a few issues here.

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