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iMovie doesn’t find iPhoto videos?

Posted in OSX with tags , , , on 02/03/2011 by I

In my case it was because I keep the iPhoto library on a different drive, and symlink it to ~/pictures. iMovie for some reason doesn’t get on with this. Launch iPhoto with alt held down, select the iPhoto library directly (not the linked version), let it start then quit. iMovie will now live happily ever after…

Other issues with iMovie not finding the videos would appear to boil down to the same problem, perhaps with a different cause.


How-to: OTA Photo sync an N900 with iPhoto

Posted in N900 with tags , , , , on 23/02/2010 by I

First up, if you’ve not seen the original post and video, checkit. Secondly, this is a long detailed post. Fetch a drink and a snack.

Right, here it is, the how-to for syncing the N900 over the air with iPhoto. First, before I go any further a strong warning:

This software setup is *extremely* experimental. It’s really just a proof of concept. Don’t even attempt it unless you understand all the steps here, and the risks. I’ve only had an N900 3 days, it’s barely been tested. If you do try it, backup all your data etc. I make no promises these steps will work for you, and assume no responsibility if they delete all your data, or worse. It may also use a LOT of data over the network, so beware!

Blunt, but I felt it had to be said. I don’t want someone complaining to me if they loose all their photos! A second, lesser warning – this how-to is not for the faint of heart. You need to be comfortable with the terminal etc. It’s not written for novice linux/mac users, it’s written for someone like myself that knows what they’re doing. If it seems over-complex, well hopefully there’ll be a nice easy to use application version of all this some time soon, check the last section for my thoughts on that. Having said that, if you do know what you’re about and some part is unclear – fire away in the comments and I’ll clarify it.

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One day all cameras will be like this

Posted in N900 with tags , , , , , on 20/02/2010 by I

First up, before any waffle, here’s a video showing off what I’ve hacked my N900 to do:

Awesome. Simply awesome. This is how ALL cameras should work. In case you didn’t watch the video, or quite grasp the coolness of what you saw, here’s a quick recap.

  • I take a photo on my N900.
  • It’s automatically in iPhoto on my mac… without me doing ANYTHING. It just happens, automatically. I don’t have to plug in any cables, or do anything. It’ll work where ever I am in the world. Oh, and I’ll know where I was because the N900 geotags photos.
  • I edit the photo in iPhoto.
  • I browse the photos on my N900, the edited version is there…. again without me doing anything.

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